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Little Sister (Detective Pieter Vos) - David Hewson

I'm chuckling to myself a bit--didn't do it on purpose, but the opening gambit of this book has a lot of similarity to the set-up that launched Dear Daughter, the last Crime novel I read. hey, here we are again, with a woman released from incarceration after ten years, to take up her life, tell everyone she's gonna walk the straight and narrow...and then she goes off to poke about in whatever unfinished business is left over involving the murders she supposedly committed a decade ago. except here...it's two girls. twins. except...they're not twins. they were triplets. one is dead. the Timmers sisters were eleven years old when they got sent to a mental institution on an island not far from Amsterdam, for supposedly killing an apparently dastardly creep. and now they're out...with restrictions.


a little more chuckling: every time I read "the Timmers sisters", or "the Timmers", I I have to try not to think of the Tremor brothers, from Smokin' Aces. different animals. well..that remains to be seen, actually!