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The Witch of Lime Street: Seance, Seduction, and Houdini in the Spirit World - David Jaher

I felt guilty calling this "the Houdini book" a few times, in the lead-up to actually starting it. he's not the titular persona; would not the spotlight be on this so-called 'Witch'? Houdini as supporting character, maybe...


well, no--so far this is a Houdini bio, and a good one, with Arthur Conan Doyle the supporting character. the Witch has yet to appear...although just the last line of the chapter I stopped at hints at the arrival of "a young Beacon Hill lady" who may be a psychic, or may be a fraud (Scientific American offering a prize to any medium who can drop by and prove to be the real thing, to an esteemed panel of judges, of whom Houdini is one, unless he gets himself kicked out for being a pain...). anyway, sooner or later, I know the Witch will be in my midst--be she the Beacon Hill lady or not--and the book has been a blast even without her, so I can only imagine the best is yet to come. perfect Halloween Nonfiction!