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Running Blind - Desmond Bagley

there are two reasons why I'm reading this. (a) Desmond Bagley is one of the last of the major Espionage novelists I have yet to indulge in, so to finally get to him--and be enjoying this so much!--is a thrill; and (b) I have a book called The Armchair Detective Book of Lists. it collects a mutlitude of previously-published Lists of Crime & Mystery fiction of all types. one of the Lists is by some Crime Novel historian chappie named Robin W. Winks, and it is called " Winks's Favorites, it is from 1988, and it goes on forever. it also has a fair amount of Spy fiction on it, which is no problem for me. according to the Winks bloke, as I turned my attention to his Bagley suggestions, my best bets are Running BlindThe Enemy, and High Citadel. fact is...Running Blind has been so exciting and suspenseful--with an interesting quandary for the hero--that more Bagley, any Bagley, may not be far behind.