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The White People and Other Weird Stories - Arthur Machen

I'm not really on page 163. but, when I finished the Jonathan Carroll novel this morning at the coffee shop, that meant I had just read 137 pages. so, when I fished this Machen book out of my goodie bag, I saw that the next "short story" (hah!), called 'A Fragment of Life' was not so short. and I decided to knock off the three very short works left in the Machen collection, totaling about 15 pages: 'The Bowmen', 'The Soldiers' Rest', and 'Out of the Earth'. that leaves me with three rather longish tales left in this book, before I'm done with it. I just marked where I would be, if I had just read the next 15 pages; I think you get the point. meanwhile, the three quickies I read this morning were okay, but I'm hoping this author can really wow me while working with the higher page-counts that constitute 'A Fragment of Life', 'The Great Return', and the one with the best and boldest title, 'The Terror', I'm also thinking that the next time I go to this book, I might be inclined to stick with it until i've read everything. we'll see, later on.