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Mystery in the Channel (British Library Crime Classics) - Freeman Wills Crofts

this, and then I must get to Book 4 of Dalglish's fast-acting Fantasy romp. I whizzed through Martin Edwards' Intro, and know that I am in for some "technical" details that relate to sailing and navigating, that are apparently "crucial" to the Mystery. let's hope I'm not confused by facts and data of a nautical nature, in terms of comprehending what the heck happened. then again, when I have worried about that sort of thing in the past, it has not usually ended up being a problem...solution to whodunit being so technical and scientific, that I don't get what I'm being told. at worst, I generally just  read the dry but crucial stuff a few extra times, until it makes sense. anyway, I've gone a few successful rounds with Freeman Wills Crofts, and his main man Inspector French, and generally had a good time, while sorting through tides stuff, or distance stuff, or gadget stuff complete with diagram, so I'm not scared. I hope this one can at least compete valiantly with the last Inspector French book I delved into and loved: Inspector French and the Sea Mystery. final note: I was going to read the other Crofts/French offering I have stashed, in order to keep it non-nautical (looks more like a train murder), but as Next Book Time hit, moments ago, I decided to do a complete reverse, because now I somehow crave a Crofts "nautical double-bill"!