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"Sir Mortimer nodded. "I'm not sentimentally inclined, as you know, French," he went on presently, "but really when I think of all the innocent people who are going to suffer through these dirty scoundrels, I'd give a big bit of my salary to know they were safe in Dartmoor. I know a case in point. Two old maiden ladies living close to us, friends of my wife's. I happen to know they had invested their whole worldly goods through Moxon's General Securities. What is there for them now? The poorhouse? And their case will only be one of thousands. And even where the whole livelihood is not gone, it may still be bad enough. Think of all the people who will now have to give up sending their sons to a decent school. And all that will have to do without their holiday and little pleasures they had been counting on perhaps for years. I tell you, French, it'll not be the fault of this department if those fellows have any more happiness in this world." French wholeheartedly agreed."

Mystery in the Channel, by Freeman Wills Crofts (copyright 2016, The Estate of Freeman Wills Crofts; originally published in 1931; quote is from pages 83-84 of the Poisoned Pen Press/British Library Crime Classics trade paperback edition, 2016).