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Hostage - Jamie Doward

oh goody! this is a sequel to a Spy novel that quietly blew me away a few years ago, Toxic. I'm embarrassed to admit it had been so long, that I had forgotten the main character's name--Kate Pendragon--so seeing it on the back cover didn't turn the light on in my head. but now, I know, she's the same hero from before--and I couldn't be happier. I also couldn't be happier as a result of the first 46 pages of this Spy tale with a heavy Murder Mystery feel (we've got a serial killer amongst the spy shenanigans!), because it seems like it's gonna be a stellar follow-up to a fantastic hidden gem.


I do feel guilty--on two fronts--for reading this right now, though. explanations: well, I've owned another book called Hostage by one of my recent fave-raves, Kristina Ohlsson, which I considered reading now, and yet I'm reading the book with this title that I bought yesterday. unfair, jumping the line and all that, but I have read three Ohlsson novels all in this year, and it's only a matter of time before I jump back to such an amazing author; she has nothing to worry about. besides that, when I bought Doward's sequel, it was after putting back on the bookstore shelf Mike Oldfield's Spy sequel (to The Sentinel). and that mainly due to priciness, what I wanted to spend that day, etc. but I know it's out there, and even if a cheaper, smaller trade paperback edition does not show up to save me a few bucks, based on my love of Oldfield's earlier spies-in-Spain epic, it's only a matter of time, whatever the outlay...


meanwhile...Doward! and I am thrilled at that!