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Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 7: Anarky - Brian Buccellato, Francis Manapul

okay, things are a little up in the air in terms of what I'm gonna read next, and how much of it--but I'm mainly referring to my ever-changing plans for the rest of the Machen collection; I was going to do all the short stories--well, novellas--left in it, but now I think I won't. Machen is better for me in small doses...even when they're suddenly big small doses. so I'll do one Machen story tomorrow morning, and then, because Justice League is around the corner, that's got me hungry for something even remotely related...and Batman is not exactly "remotely related'. though if I had planned this properly, I'd have a Justice League graphic novel handy. anyway, there's a small chance I'll flip again, tomorrow, and do all the Machen before moving on to anything else, but it's doubtful--partly because I'm anxious to see the revamp of an old favorite of mine: Anarky! bring him on.