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The Punisher: Assassin's Guild (A Marvel Graphic Novel #40) - Jo Duffy, Julie Michel, Jim Novak, Carl Potts, Marc McLaurin, Jorge Zaffino, Tom DeFalco

gonna get back into comics a little bit, by re-reading the stuff I already have, with either a certain character--or in some cases, a certain writer--being the focus for anywhere from 1 to 10 graphic novels. while I'm doing that, I'll start pondering what I would actually want to buy--less frequently--in the New Year (although tomorrow may involve a graphic novel buying binge...my last one for quite a while).


Punisher is a fave character, so I am anxious to re-read ten graphic novels starring him. seems like a cool place to begin. and my lead-off pick is a bit of an obscure Punisher tale, but one that I have a strange fondness for, so...on with the show, Mr. Castle!


oh, I'm also planning to write reviews for all this fun stuff.