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Nightmare - Lynn Brock

I would have liked to have gone from the Bart Spicer novel to that graphic novel The New York Four...but due to my morning travel and shopping plans, alas it didn't work out that way. I finished the Carney Wilde Mystery at the coffee shop, but knew that, almost immediately afterwards, I would be heading downtown to a particular comics store where I figured a few surprisingly hard-to-find graphic novels would be available, and when I have something like that planned, I don't like taking previously bought graphic novels to comic-book stores; they usually make you check your bag (thefts a constant, at these places, I guess), and there are about four reasons I would just as soon not bother with that. so I only brought along another Crime novel, and that stuff I don't keep in a bag once I go in the store, so they can see what I have, and what it isn't.


so, New York Four after this weird Crime novel from 1932 called Nightmare...and I feel doubly guilty because I was carrying around something called Verdict of Twelve for after the Bart Spicer book, but then I went to the comics store...followed by a stop at a regular bookstore, where I found Nightmare, only just re-published, relatively speaking.


anyway, a sad story of two books put on the back-burner for various reasons, and Nightmare jumping the queue, once I started it during a "pit stop" before heading home. but, 26 pages into this long-neglected Lynn Brock thingy and I've mostly shed any regrets about what might have been. I'm getting a sense I'm in for something along the lines of The Cellar (aka The Partyat No. 5, but less cruelly amusing and more, well, nightmarish.


finally, Verdict of Twelve was going to be my way of ending a year (or starting a New Year, if New York Four had stayed in place on the schedule) with something hyped by Martin Edwards in his book The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books. a good plan...and Nightmare also qualifies! the snubbed-by-me Postgate novel not too long from now, you can be sure--although, to be honest, the New Year will likely see me getting to (finally!) The Count of Monte Christo, after the graphic novel.


all very exciting, with the twists and turns typical of a mind-changing, anti-bag-checking bookworm!