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Nightmare - Lynn Brock

I'm totally enraptured; oh please, mr. writer, do not ruin this book with a rotten ending. it's hard to believe what sort of dull or crap-out finale could pull this ahead-of-its-time Psychological Crime novel down below a 4, or maybe 5, star rating--but I just hope it does not happen. please. it happened a bit with Family Matters, which I was really into, but then dropped all the great interplay and character dynamics for--in my opinion--a rather average, prolonged Inquest scenario.


I'm so impressed to find out that the English, irish, Scottish, Welsh writers were breaking formula like this, a lot earlier than I thought they were. risky--and it took over 70 years for this book to come back to us in a new edition (maybe because he doesn't give it the ending it needs to be truly great)--but amidst all the country-house, or drawing room, or locked-room, or unbreakable alibi scenarios being handled by countless Great Detectives, it's good to know there were more books like this one--some of which flopped when first published, but have more relevance than ever, now--than has been apparent for all these years.


I'll wrap this one up today, which means it will be one of those January 1sts that starts clean with a new book (graphic novel, this time). even if Nightmare ends with whimper, it mainly packs a bang...so, a good farewell to a solid year of rewarding reading, especially in the Crime & Mystery arena!