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Verdict of Twelve (British Library Crime Classics) - Raymond Postgate

I know I said I'd be starting Count of Monte Christo right about now?--well, I've decided I would rather start it after my 50th birthday on the weekend. I want shorter books, and some variety, before I get to Sunday...on the off chance that Count of is the least bit dull or disappointing--perish the thought, yes, I know--in which case I would be hip-deep in something I don't want to associate with the big five-oh. crazy, I know, and there's just as much chance that any shorter book I've cued up by that time is bad or worse, but the Dumas epic seems to me to be a better choice after the frivolities and any attendant sobering up (crying, whining, etc.--less painful if I'm trapped in a long, meandering tome).


that said, I get the feeling that whenever I'm halfway through Count of Monte Christo, probably a week or two from now, I'll be all, like. "you put this glorious book off, Tigus, because you didn't have enough faith?! amazing book! splendid! dummy for delaying! have you not gotten wiser as you have gotten decrepit?! don't you remember committing to The Gormenghast Trilogy, followed by The Lord of the Rings trilogy as a way to celebrate 1999 turning into the year 2000, feeling all trepidation give way to the sheer pleasure of every page?! do you not recall leaving Eugene Sue's The Wandering Jew sitting unread on your shelf, for a decade, until finally working up the nerve to tackle its 1365 pages or whatever...and...loving it!!!". fact is...I hope this is all what I'm thinking when I get I'm halfway through Count of.


in the meantime, and with lid put on the sheepish excuses, I'm goin' with Verdict of Twelve which I snubbed recently, when I switched to Nightmare. much to atone for, while I'm still young...