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Murder's Burning - S.H. Courtier

a brushfire in Australia has destroyed a huge swathe of land in Paladin Valley, and nine people died. one of them was a schoolteacher, and a friend of Stewart Hamilton, who finally has an opportunity to make the trip, and investigate the actual environs, which have mainly been abandoned. he has letters and journals from deceased friend, Carruthers, newspaper clippings, witness statements (some conflicting), and Inquiry testimony, and the novel presents these as Hamilton is out there, all alone, becoming more and more convinced that something sinister happened, and weird little things do suggest the big picture--unfortunate act of nature--doesn't add up. interesting items: two of the nine victims never had their remains found or accounted for (completely reduced to ash?), and...Hamilton can now be certain he is not quite alone...


after Ice I deliberately picked "weird & short" again, but got out of the ice and jumped to fire--well, what's left after the fire. the bonus is that, at least for someone like me, the descriptions of the Australian wilderness--even one recovering from being burnt out--are vivid and all-encompassing; plants, animals, summer weather in February...all being absorbed and noted by this lonely, detail-oriented investigator and thus are being wonderfully transmitted to me. (hey! not far away, a tawny frogmouth! that's a bird--I remember that from the great Mystery novel, Frogmouth, by William Marshall, another Australian!).


I think this is going to get wrapped by me tomorrow morning, and then I will have to think what, besides Count of Monte Christo, deserves to be read next (besides Mister Terrific, who I must get to, of course).