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Blood Wedding - Pierre Lemaitre

well, after reading 186 pages of this Thriller in a rush, I really feel I'm already experiencing one of the best books I'll read in 2018! that was fast. what is it with these brilliant French Crime writers--last year it was Michel Bussi, and now this--and how are they so brilliant? I guess they just are--something in the croissants.


now this book is an intense, painful read, as a character's mental anguish and instability grows exponentially with each section, but the stuff that I don't want to give away--the plot that goes with Sophie's, um, "condition", which I I'm now more inclined to call Sophie's dilemma, her chief reason for living in a nightmare--has really got me hooked on this novel. and then there's Frantz...whom I loathe...


oddly, this book reminds me a bit of a book I did not like, which I read last year, called Perfect Days, by Montes. state of anguish, needs to come to a halt some way so the reader can finally relax and walk away, and then I hated the ending (and disliked some other things about the book). this book, I hope, will have a strong ending--not necessarily the one that coddles to me and what I would wish would happen--and just in general, no matter how unsettling, this is a somewhat more palatable scenario, considering it's designed to cause shock and suspense. 


this book also reminds me of a huge favorite of mine--The Sleep Police, by Jay Bonansinga--and we'll see if it can also get a 5 star rating from me. I may finish it later today, because it's hard not to want to get back to it and find out what happens next, and next, and then the finale. just a magnificent Crime/Thriller read. I can see what impressed Hol.