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The Cemetery Boys - Heather Brewer

financial woes and a need for a fresh start mean that Stephen's dad relocates what's left of the family unit to a small town called Spencer, Pop. 814 (now 816...and the dad grew up there, so at least it's familiar). the Prologue, and one blurb on the back cover, suggest that this will be Supernatural Horror--as opposed to more of a Murder Mystery or something like that--and though I have not been introduced to the impending monsters yet, whatever sort they turn out to be, I have had a Tarot card scene. I find Tarot cards fascinating and owned a beautiful set as a kid, but never got to use them properly, ie. tell fortunes. in this book, a simple approach, as only three cards are selected and turned over (past/present/future), and I remembered my Tarot enough to worry a bit for Stephen: cards being Death, The Devil, and The Tower (The Tower gives me the shivers). 


Spencer, after Tarot time, quickly went on to bond with a stalker and get involved in some breaking and entering. Welcome to Spencer, Stephen. Welcome to Stephen, Spencer.


I hope the creatures aren't just run-of-the-mill vampires, but I'll try to be enthusiastic if I get a decent story with whatever comes down the pipe.