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The Punch Escrow - Tal M. Klein

well, I love it--but this month has consisted of me saying "I love it", 50 to 100 pages into any book, and then winding up not loving the complete package all that much, and bottoming out in the 3, or 3.5, star area. so, we'll see. but this tale of teleportation gone wrong in 2147 seems like the author would have to make a major detour to wreck this wonderful novel. a bit like Version Control in terms of subtly commenting on how committed we are to the wrong future, but lighter in tone--I get the Douglas Adams comparison. I'm also reminded of anything from Seconds, to Rogue Moon, to Echo Round His Bones, to Up The Line, but this book has flecks of all of those ingrained in it, with a unique plot that is none of those. I am at the point where the whole thing could just devolve into a routine Chase scenario--fleeing victim of soulless corporations of the future--but I trust the author will keep it imaginative, and the trimmings of this fascinating future, plus the humor, will make it more than just a running-person set-up. I would love to give out a 4.5 or 5 star rating early this year; The Punch Escrow has what it takes, up to this point.