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The Goldfinch: A Novel (Pulitzer Prize for Fiction) - Donna Tartt

wow. did NOT see that coming. should have seen that coming. there were hints. little hints...but hints. did not see that coming.


was also freakin' weird to have Hobie be reminded of the Artful Dodger when meeting Boris, this late in the book, and mention it to Theo. freakin' weird...because several Updates ago, when I first compared this book to a Dickens novel and pointed out how many of the blurbs also did that, I mentioned how Boris was maybe the most un-Dickensian addition to the story, unless--I said at the time--he was to be taken as a sort of "Artful Dodger" character (and I have not even read Oliver Twist--my guess was based on the Dodger's reputation preceding him). this turned into a weird night.