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Soldiers of Paradise - Paul Park

I'm liking this book more, now that some of the history of this fractured society has been explained. divisions go back hundreds of years--the rejected outcasts, called antinomials, don't even know or have a record of why their ancestors were cast out, slaughtered, considered foul and unclean. it all has to do with religion: believers versus a blossoming heresy...again, all that happened long ago.


anyway, I'm not sure this is SF I'm going to love--I feel like I've done this set-up many times before, but with the schism being a gender war, or science versus faith, or rich versus poor, subjugating aliens versus bedraggled human survivors, whatever. religion versus heresy is not a scenario I particularly care about in an SF novel, but that's just a general reaction--some of the specifics of the book, chapter to chapter, plus the recent explanations of why it is the way it is, mean that I'm doing okay with this.