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I should do a Spy novel, after the George Bellairs double-bill; it's been too long. I could do my monthly Nonfiction pick next, because Tong Wars in particular beckons. but neither of those impulses is as strong as the desire to get to this:



reading a Crime novel set in Northern Italy will get me back on track, when it comes to reading a stream of Crime & Mystery selections--was supposed to be ten in a row--that each transport me to a different country; I broke that chain when I read The Sign of Fear (though, technically, there were scenes in Germany--although that doesn't help, because I just read The Trap, which was a Germany choice. backtracking...reneging...already went to Venice! oh well...). 


the book that has made Timothy Williams' work a priority is this reading guide for Crime & Mystery fans:



a section full of particular recommendations in the Forshaw guide is called 'A World Elsewhere'...the link between the books covered in that section being that we have British authors writing Mysteries set outside Britain. when I first acquired Brit Noir, it's the first section I wanted to delve into, so much so that I scooped up a hardcover set in Cambodia, just to have a unique experience:



I don't know if that one is a softcover yet, but I really enjoyed it, gave it a solid 4 stars, and am pumped to finally pluck another Forshaw suggestion out of 'A World Elsewhere', though I'm off to Italy this time, not Cambodia. and I've been a bit naughty: I've picked a different Timothy Williams/Commissario Trotti Mystery than the one mentioned in Brit Noir, but I don't care, I just want to try out any book by the author.