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Jazz - Toni Morrison

so, as of now, every second book--not counting graphic novels--will be a way of celebrating Black History Month, either because I am experiencing a Black author's words, or reading something like Darktown, which fits in with my goal too. naturally, the main focus is on Black authors. Jazz seems like a good place to start, because I love Jazz music, almost as much as Blues, and I love reading about the 1920s, and I have never read Toni Morrison. I read the Foreward already, and loved the way that was written, so I'm anticipating a great time with this book. I've got an Ethel Payne (journalist) biography handy--bought it just as I was about to start Tong Wars as my Nonfiction pick of the month, and debated putting Tong Wars aside at the time, but that's fine, I'll do two Nonfiction books this month--and Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower is waiting on my shelves too. if I need something else to keep to the plan, late in the month, I'll visit the bookstore. meanwhile...Jazz!