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Recommended and Back in Print

I only recently learned that Lizzie, by Evan Hunter...


...came back into print, relatively recently, thanks to William Morrow Paperbacks. I make a special point of mentioning this book, because (a) it's excellent, as a Crime pick, a Historical Fiction/Mystery pick, or just a really riveting drama, (b) Evan Hunter/Ed McBain is a favorite author of mine, and (c) this novel is from 1984, and I find it very unusual, but wonderful, that it has actually been pulled from 'limbo' and given new life in a new edition. I just wanted to give it some love before it disappears again; the Evan Hunter book that seems most often to get new editions is The Blackboard Jungle, but finally Lizzie got selected for a new audience, and I loved it way back in 1985 or so. It gives a credible fictional version of Lizzie Borden's life for many years before culminating in tragedy.


My old copy:


A book called The Crown Crime Companion, back around 1990, picked it as one of the "10 Best Historical Mysteries", and I was thrilled when I saw that. It has much more competition as of 2018, but I've done what I could here to single it out. And I miss Evan Hunter, so it's just the old books, since he left us in 2005.