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Ferocity - Nicola Lagioia, Antony Shugaar

so much radiates outward from Clara's death, that I'm busy processing it, while also getting emotional about it. at least Michele has finally come back to mourn, and no doubt ask questions. after this novel, and Jazz, I will hope for more of a standard linear approach to enigmas and murder, in Darktown (though if it's another stylistic whirlwind, I'll deal), but the style and structure of books like Ferocity can be a real pleasure. a bonus would be if the Mystery content, what there is of it, were to rival a classic whodunit, but I'm bracing for the fact that this book may not ultimately be about "the puzzle". so far, it's definitely a factor, though...who, if anyone, killed Clara, if she didn't do it herself. meanwhile, though I may end up feeling the book is a bit too long (not sure, yet), I'm keenly enjoying this strange journey with a complicated family.