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Bloodstone & the Legion of Monsters - Dan Abnett, Sonny Trinidad, John David Warner, Juan Doe, Dennis Hopeless, Michael Lopez, Andy Lanning

okay, so I've been an Elsa Bloodstone fan since her origin story in a 4-issue mini-series back in late 2001, and that was when they drew her as a Buffy clone. her breakout--and cooler look--came later, in the amazing Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. series. I also bought a Wolverine graphic novel mainly because she was on the cover. with this graphic novel, I get more Elsa--no complaints!--but I'm finally going to peruse the older material, featuring her father, Ulysses Bloodstone; his adventures date mostly back to the 1970s Marvel Monsters craze, and were in black&white Marvel magazines, not just comics. anyway, long live the Bloodstone line! (maybe they'll get a movie, one day...).