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Entanglement - Zygmunt MiƂoszewski, Antonia Lloyd-Jones

obviously, Mysteries can stand or fall based on how terrific or lousy their revelatory finales are...but up to this point, I love Entanglement. naturally, I pulled out my reading guide called Euro Noir, by Barry Forshaw, which put me on to this Polish whodunit/police-procedural, with the idea of lining up more Polish Crime fiction. recollections on my part were dim, as to just how many Polish authors Forshaw would be able to suggest to me, but I assumed that I would have maybe ten to twenty follow-up Polish gems to acquire--I mean, surely that much has been translated into English, yes? instead, heartbreak. looks like I've got two options to pursue, not counting anything I happen to chance upon by myself. so much for loading up on great Polish Mysteries. but okay: two. that's something. regardless, and no matter what the future brings, this one I like!