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The Hog's Back Mystery - Freeman Wills Crofts

so! I'm about as far along with this as I'm going to get tonight, while Moonlight Reader is already closer to page 100, based on an Update, and perhaps even farther than that by now. tomorrow is a day off work for me, and that's when  I'll be getting deep into this book, perhaps even finishing it by tomorrow evening. or not. or my experience with this Mystery will stretch to Monday, but certainly no longer than that. anyway, that's my projected timeline with Hog's Back.


I like this one, so far. I'm stopping just as Inspector French has shown up to sort out a sudden disappearance in Surrey, after much groundwork has been laid to suggest a troubled marriage, with possible infidelity on both sides. meanwhile, friends, relatives and neighbors of the married couple in quiet trauma (which looks like it's coming to a head) are also clustered round, ready to become suspects, I suppose, if our disappearance turns out be a murder. or murders.


what's interesting is that much of what has been happening is being filtered through a woman named Ursula--friend of the woman whose husband has dissolved into the night with no warning--a level-headed, likable woman with a conscience and some tact, but as a reader, I'm trying to make sure her impressions of what has been going on don't simply sit in my mind as established facts. in other words, a whole interpretation of events and observations give a clear picture of some sly things that have been going on...and yet none of it is proven; the whole scenario--the way it looks from the outside and the assumptions it leads to--could still be overturned and revealed as illusion, at any time. I have this uneasy feeling that I am being tricked into believing a massive--and massively wrong--circumstance. like the whole thing is a big red herring, in one sense...and yet is also real and relevant, if only I could flip it on its head and see it the way I'm supposed to see it. I dunno, it's weird--I feel played. I'm not complaining; I love it!


I'm particularly fond of, not one--but four!--other books by this author, and it's too early to tell if this one can start climbing the ranks and impress me more than any of those titles. but I'm certainly happy with what I've read so far. lots left, though!


thanks to Moonlight Reader for suggesting this book for a Buddy Read! this should be an interesting weekend...