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The Accidental Agent - Andrew Rosenheim

this book seems a bit like a Joseph Kanon novel; it's even dimly reminding me of an old one--Kanon's first?--called Los Alamos...which I liked, but I'm glad I read it a long time ago so that I don't feel like I've got a couple of clones on my hands.


I am enjoying The Accidental Agent, regardless, and Chicago is a city I've always had a fondness for, albeit from a distance (I'm in Canada), with this book giving me several impromptu tours, at least as far as 1940s Chicago goes...because any time anyone in this book seems to go out into the streets, they get followed, and know spycraft enough to detect that they are being followed, and so all the stopping, and meandering with detours to throw off or annoy surveillance is giving me countless brisk jaunts about the city! yay!