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That Other Game I Used to Play

First of all, congratulations to Moonlight Reader for successfully designing and launching what looks like a fun Reading Game to play, managing it with flair, and lighting up the website with all these Posts that show what seems to be a great time for everyone involved! I may have to go down to my storage locker, look for my old Gumshoe game which somehow served as a tiny spark for all this, and offer to send it to our resident gamemaster supreme (or something else as a worthy substitute) as a thank you for all the hard work! Yes, I know I'm not playing, but I'm still in awe of what has been going on.


meanwhile, besides Gumshoe, there was this other game that was somewhat similar that Mystery fans should know about:



it was kind of a "board-game PLUS":



players went around a board, stopping at various locations to get a clue to the Mystery selected for that night. when you arrived at a "location", you would get some kind of clue in the form of a paragraph, that added to the info everyone got thanks to some kind of introductory set-up to the case before starting. but I also recall that there was another way to solve the case: if you weren't so good at solving the case through getting facts and hints the way you would when you read Mystery novels, at each location you would get something like a word--or maybe it was a clue to a word, like in a crossword puzzle, I can't recall exactly--a keyword that acted as a very basic clue to what had happened to the victim. I preferred the method of deduction, rather than the word-clues, but either way, you ran around the board trying to get it all figured out before the other players; I think if your written-down solution didn't match the card with the actual solution, you were out, and the game went on. something along those lines.


my recollection is that many of the cases initially drew from the Sherlock Holmes canon, but don't quote me on how many. this game was popular enough that there were "expansion packs" with new whodunits, all of which I bought--though sadly I do not have this game anymore.


anyway, that's that! just letting you know about this game in case you want to try and chase it down. if not, it doesn't real matter, does it?--because all the best game-playing in the world seems to end up at Booklikes!