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Absolution: A Novel of Suspense - Caro Ramsay

the day I bought this, a while ago...I went to the bookstore with one of my issues of Crime Scene Magazine, and used the store's computer to try and find something available--preferably not still in hardcover--that was featured in the mag's Review Section. some new book had a sidebar with a sort of "read this also" mini-review attached for a slightly older book, Absolution. I love the title; I even kinda liked the way 'Caro Ramsay' hints at my favorite Horror scribe's name, Ramsey Campbell. and, what do you know, the bookstore supposedly had a discount-priced copy of Absolution, priced at $1.99.


it took me a while to find it; it wasn't on a Discount table, and was actually spined on some shelves way in the back of the store. my eye kept rolling right over it, and just would not figure out the spine was the spine of the book I wanted. I was about to give up, and then my brain said "what is that book you keep skipping, it looks larger than you are expecting the book you want to be"--so I pulled it out and there it was: $1.99!


I brought it to the cash register, and the dude there said "this has been further reduced--it's ninety-nine cents.". mine.


so far this book could be the best book I have read in a while, I'm getting my ninety-nine cents' worth. figures, eh? but that's perfect. honestly, though, this is a terrific Scottish serial killer novel so far, with some eccentricities (at least twenty-five cents' worth) that make it golden, if you ask me, and I love the detectives, especially McAlpine.