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Tigus' Year-Long Fredric Brown Book Giveway!

I don't keep many books. I give them to my friend Richard, I give them to my friend Nerissa, I take them down to the community library in the building I live in. I occasionally take them to used-bookstores for a pittance, but for what they give back in return--like ten per cent of cover-price--this isn't much of a priority for me. I love giving away books now and then, and I don't know many readers.


But of course, I do know many readers, at a distance, through BookLikes! There's the added shipping and handling concerns, but I'm feeling like sending out one of my Fredric Brown books per month, each to a different Friend of mine at BookLikes, because, really, there's no one nearer to me that I want to hand a bunch of Fredric Brown books; Richard has stacks of books I've given him, and Nerissa won't read them.


Sooooo, here is the first book I would love to give away:


it's The Office, by Fredric Brown--didn't cost me too much to acquire, but it's rather a rare book, so you would really be getting a treat to just get this sent to you (well, I feel that way about all the Fredric Brown books, but still...).




there are no actual rules, but if you are a BookLikes Friend and want this book, here's what I'm thinking:


(a) if you pick this one, don't count on getting another free book from me any time soon.


(b) I'm thinking, once YOU are the one who is getting this book, I will first send you my full name, my address (which will be the return address), and my phone number should you really want to verify that I exist and live somewhere provable with a phone number. I would send this, via a private message between Friends, and you can run whatever security check you want with that information (want my work # too, fine), and then send me your address--even a post office Box--privately. and I would mail the book on Saturday April 14 if we move things along that fast. or as soon as things are finalized. NOTE: you have a better suggestion for information sharing, that's fine--there's emails, of course--I'll take whatever idea you have as an alternative.


(c) after I send out a book, I promise to toss out any notes with your address, since there will be no plan to send you anything else. I have a good memory...but not THAT good...so I give you my word that a month from now I won't remember anything about where I sent the book. Anyway, these are all just security precautions, since what I'm doing may seem to you to be weird. I just want to give away some books, and if I knew 20 or 30 Crime & Mystery readers near where I am, you wouldn't be reading this.


(d) you can keep my address one day, and send me a book if the fancy takes you...but you are under NO OBLIGATION to do anything of the sort, and we will still be BookLikes Friends (unless we fight about something else later), and I don't consider this a trade. 


NOW: the FIRST BookLikes Friend of mine to leave a comment at this message of mine, will be the person I will send this book to. If I do this again roughly next month--I plan to--I may select a Friend, specifically, or come up with some other plan, but THIS TIME: just be the first of my already-established BookLikes Friends to leave a comment saying something like "I would love The Office by Fredric Brown for free!".


I love coming to this website, I enjoy talking to so many readers, and I do not keep very many books. I'm not a collector, or a re-reader; I just love reading them once for the experience, and the last of the books I do own that I have already read are just gathering dust. So! What do you guys think?