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Bats in the Belfry - E.C.R. Lorac

Macdonald finally gets to confront Sybilla, and is unimpressed by her behaviour; he keeps in mind that she is a talented stage actress, and while discussing her husband's fate, she may be putting on a show. nevertheless, she's just one suspect, and the best theory for what has happened doesn't necessarily involve her.


Martin Edwards' Intro to this book drew a comparison to Freeman Wills Crofts' way of writing a Mystery, but this book is certainly more fun and engaging than the last two Crofts efforts I read (although it will have to continue to work hard to top a couple of my Crofts favourites), and I would have to say Lorac (Carol!) is a better writer than Crofts when it comes to style, and making sure scenes aren't just confined to the lead detective. shall likely finish this one tonight, and expect some cool twists and surprises.