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reasons have been mounting for me to read this since I first spotted it, spine outwards, on a bookstore shelf, and decided to pull it out for a peek and perusal.


(a) I was first introduced to the "Koschei the Deathless" mythos, or a version of it, while reading the old Suicide Squad series, and have always been interested in finding out more about that particular mythical or fable-based character. 


(b) not long ago, while surfing the 'net, I saw a book List called, if I remember rightly, something like "10 SF novels that should be made into movies". this book is on that List. so that's got me excited.


(c) some of my BookLikes mates have been reading another book by the same author and seem to have mostly enjoyed it. that's cool. so, since I already own Deathless, I am sticking to my original intent of making it my intro to Valenteville. hoping for a wonderful introduction!