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So Pretty a Problem - Francis Duncan

one cool thing: this series entry has an atypical story structure compared to the other Mordecai Tremaine Mysteries I read (three); this one is divided into three Sections: Query: At the Time of the Corpse; Background: Before the Corpse; and Exposition: Following the Corpse. I‘m into the middle section now, and it seems that Mordecai had interacted with the dead man and his wife, plus their social circle (soon to be suspects), at various functions, and even by chance (meeting on the street, etc.). I don’t remember anything like this in the other Francis Duncan books I got to earlier, and it’s an interesting feature. of course, it was obvious in the first section that there was a messy backstory attached to Adrian and Helen Carthallow, and that our amateur detective  was somehow snarled up in it...and now I’m getting the unsettling play-by-play.


also, Helen seems to lie a lot...


this book has the potential to become my favorite amongst Mysteries by this author, if it can stay strong. I do like it a lot, as of page 74. first of four I bought by this author, many moons ago, and seems like a good one to leave for last (well, “last”, for the time being).