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I Don't Like Where This Is Going - John Dufresne

as you can see, I didn’t go to a Spy novel after Out of the Deep, like I said I would. wasn’t quite in the mood for Espionage...though that’s not gonna last long; this Dufresne fellow’s Mystery, then the Lansdale(x2) book Char graced me with, and then a Spy book.


no regrets on changing my mind, it’s worth noting; this Chandleresque, cynically-styled Mystery set in Vegas is a hit with me, big-time! the last thing I read that most reminds me of Dufresne’s work was probably James Crumley’s The Last Good Kiss, but this one seems like it might be even better. the Vegas setting could be the clincher; Mysteries set there were a preoccupation with me several years ago - a particular favorite being The Good Thief’s Guide To Vegas. that one was also humorous, though the way these authors present aspects of Sin City can suddenly be very..not funny.


extra spice for me here: I’ll likely never be in Vegas, no matter how much I love stories set there, but my hotel of prime fascination is...the Luxor. the whole Egyptian thing, I guess - and it’s at the Luxor where trouble starts, in this book. add to that Dufresne’s quick, illuminating, and disillusioning observations, via his narrator Wylie, about anyone who gets within range of said narrator’s eyes, ears, or nose, and we have wry little treats all over the place...even if the person observed is just a walk-on. yes, people are weird and laughable; and hey, multiply all that by Vegas!