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Nobody Walks (Soho Crime) - Mick Herron

well, now it’s become enough of a Spy novel, to qualify as a Spy novel. I mean, if you put Mick Herron book titles on a dart-board, with the purpose being to put the purest, most archetypal Spy books in at the center, with the hybrids and variants out around the fringes, then Nobody Walks would definitely not be at the bullseye. maybe Real Tigers, but not Nobody Walks - which would probably be positioned out near double-17, or something.


but who cares. I don’t. it has Spy novel ingredients - more and more, as it goes along - and besides all this, on the dart-board displaying perfection, it’s a bull (thus far). says on the cover, and inside: Shortlisted for the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award; one of Booklist’s 101 Best Crime Novels of the Last Decade.”. well, duh.