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3 Novels: The Eye Of The Beholder; The Queen Of The Night; The Ice Maiden - Marc Behm, Maxim Jakubowski

I’ve just posted this as my Currently Reading choice, and yet here I am, already on page 154. “what are you up to, Tigus?”. well, this book holds three novels, and I read the first one - The Eye of the Beholder - years ago, when a film version of it (I think it starred Ashley Judd and Ewan McGregor) prompted a new paperback edition. the film, which I never saw, was not well-received, and to be honest, I thought the book was okay, with a weird feel, but average.


The Ice Maiden is the novel in this collection I’m most excited about, when it comes to giving Behm another try - it’s on a recommended List of Horror reading, because it features a female vampire who works as a croupier in a casino - but I’m going to do the novels in order, so The Queen of the Night gets to go first. plot synopsis - A sombre tale of Nazi Germany and the search for an elusive father figure through the dark clouds of the holocaust years - has me kind of curious about it too...almost as much as the vampire in the casino.


these Zomba Books “Black Box Thrillers” collections usually featured hard-boiled pulp Crime writers from the 1940s-50s, but as the Intro to this one points out, this was their first collection to focus on a “contemporary” Crime writer. extra special is the inclusion of a Horror novel...although I suspect the vampire’s Adventure will taste of Noir, not just blood...