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Three Men In The Dark - Jerome K. Jerome, Robert Barr, Barry Pain, Hugh Lamb

gosh, I love leaving the coffee shop having had a thoroughly enjoyable time reading...in this case, the last 100 pages of No Mortal Thing, and then a few short stories from this collection. first Terror tale was ‘The Vengeance of the Dead’ by Robert Barr (who surprised me by having an in-your-face supernatural element to his excellent story, whereas I was expecting ‘just’ twisted Crime tales from him; “duhhhh, Tigus! did not the title of the story give you a clue?!...”.). when I finished the Barr entry, I felt like maybe enough pages had been done, and everything had been fun and entertaining, and barely enough coffee left in the cup left to dribble down my chin (done!), so probably time to pack the books up and leave...


but, took a peek, and saw the next story, ‘Smeath’, was by Barry Pain, who was proving to be my author of preference in this collection. the downside was the page count for ‘Smeath’, 30 pages, whereas I was more of a mind for “quick 10 pages or less, dribble the coffee down face to shirt, and hit the road”. but I turned the downside into an upside, with some clear thinking: “your favorite Horror stories have almost always been 30-40 pages, the ones with room to expand and sprawl a bit with lots of cool developments, not gimmicks. soooo READ IT!”. glad I did; ‘Smeath’ rounded off a satisfying reading jag fabulously.