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Back to the Coast - Laura Vroomen, Saskia Noort

a woman flees Amsterdam, to a “house by the coast”, after she is targeted for persecution for having an abortion. it turns out her sanctuary isn’t any safer, and the psychological attacks start to threaten her mental stability...


a few notes: this will be my intro to Saskia Noort, who dominates Crime novel sales in the Netherlands. apparently her massively popular second novel, The Dinner Club, was published in English translation ahead of her debut effort, which is this one, Back To The Coast. and there’s no doubt The Dinner Club sounded intriguing (though “the Dutch answer to Desperate Housewives” blurbs lessened my interest). but...Maria’s plight in Back To The Coast ultimately struck me as potentially more moving, more frightening and disturbing, and so it’s the debut Noort Thriller that I’m going to. excited, and a bit scared where this book is going to take me. a woman stalked and terrorized for having an abortion - I hope we get some turnabout, and she kicks some ass!