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Flashback - Jenny Siler

it’s fabulous, it’s rockin’ my brain with a badass heroine, and it’s got me tempted to turn August into a Summer of Spies marathon, with maybe only a few non-Spy intervals. sure, the amnesia thing is very Bourne Identity, but I don’t care, because Siler (apparently sometimes Siller??) has brought her own bag of tricks to a somewhat familiar premise. I’m really in love with this book. 


made some impulsive book purchases today, and now have a Spy novel called Liar’s Candle on hand...which means my plan to do two Spy novels by women in a row can be fulfilled by going to either that super-new acquisition, or sticking with Hannah’s The Silent Room (which, I must say, sounds amazing, hard to resist). The Kremlin’s Candidate is now also in my possession, so wrapping up the “Red Sparrow trilogy” is suddenly a priority, and would be a cool transition to all the male Espionage novelists I have stockpiled; start with male writer, but female protagonist. then, on to whatever, including an Espionage/Fantasy hybrid, called The War in the Dark, by Setchfield - looks so cool!


yes, my August may just turn out to be virtually all Spies! not a lock, but I’m feelin’ it. oh, and The Sympathizer.