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The Silent Room - Mari Hannah

DS Ryan of Special Branch - even though he has just been suspended - is determined to find out who took his former boss, disgraced DI Fenwick, out of the back of a security van taking him from his bail hearing back to prison; charge against Fenwick: Possession of illegal firearms (found during a search of his home), Fenwick’s assertion throughout: “it’s a frame-up!”...and Ryan seems to believe it’s all a set-up too.


not sure at what point this will all get into Spy novel territory - even a variant, or a Crime novel with heavy Espionage trappings - but whether the now vanished Fenwick was framed or not, Ryan’s quest for the truth about his friend is apparently going to rattle the cage holding a frightful conspiracy that will, if the back cover is to be believed, have a nasty Espionage angle. can’t wait to see where the secrets lead, and the evil lies...