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Plea n Glee...

a special plea to Themis-Athena’s Garden of Books: I know I said I would write a review of The Silent Room by Mari Hannah, but that was before I knew I was going to have a serious case of the Mehs when it comes to that book (bumped it down to 3 stars, from 3.5, after some further reflection), because not much happens in the book, the villains are surprisingly absent (except for some quiet, low-level thugs good at surveilling, some rare fisticuffs, and driving around...while the main villains never seem to want to show up), and the book’s best attribute - two or three great major characters - is wasted on a plot that drops its tension after the first 60 pages.


so my plea is to be allowed to transfer my promise of a full-on review of the next book I read that I’m actually really excited about - like, it would be nice if that were Liar’s Candle, wouldn’t it? I hope so!


my glee comes from anticipating my trip, today, to a local Crime & Mystery bookstore, called Sleuth of Baker Street (sleuthofbakerstreet.ca, or forget the internet and go to St. Clair subway station and catch the 88A or 88B, for a nice ride over). this a store that, for years, I thought had closed, but actually had just moved, and now that I know they are still around I love going there and finding books no one else in Toronto has!