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Dominus - Tom Fox

alright, so even though I felt like switching to a different book, at the last minute and just before starting Dominus, 35 pages have washed away any regrets because I think I’ve found a wonderful Thriller/Murder Mystery to carry me through the relaxing summer days of mid-August; a bit over the top - a miracle, a murder, and a body (I guess there was an earlier murder), and several great characters who I feel I’ll be delighted to spend 400 pages with. obviously the journalist/former Catholic who took off his collar and rejected the priesthood is the character I most identify with...but they’ve all been introduced wonderfully in just a few chapters!


so, we’ll see. it ‘s been a while since Angels & Demons - I took a chance on that book when it first became a mass market paperback, and I remember getting my friend Richard, plus a friendly eavesdropper, all excited about this guy Dan Brown and his crazy book, while we were at a coffee shop on the Danforth, before Richard and I went for dinner at a Greek restaurant - been a long while since fictional mayhem in Vatican City held me in its thrall...but this already seems like an excellent belated encore.and yet I think the one BookLikes review present gives a half-star rating. gonna have to make my own assessment.