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No Good from a Corpse - Leigh Brackett

50 Women Novelists in a Row: Book 6!


my favorite novel by her, that I’ve read, is a Fantasy romp called The Sword of RhiannonThe Long Tomorrow, her famous SF work, was good, but I prefer a few other novels of the same type just a bit more. still...worth a look.


her film credits - well, of course we have her listed for The Empire Strikes Back, and The Big Sleep...very different, and separated by decades! Empire apparently went through many changes after Brackett handed it over to George Lucas, but word is the basic story beats are present in what we all saw. anyway, it’s a cool credit.


this book, meanwhile, is as Hard-Boiled as it gets - I can tell that already - and I love it. wish she had done more novels like this...well, at least that’s how I feel right now; by the end, we’ll see. but it’s very exciting, and fast, and gritty as what I’ve read by her male rivals in this field.