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Nightmares & Dreamscapes - Stephen King

and a fine mornin’ of readin’ i’twas! I mean it - the last half of No Good from a Corpse, followed by two Stephen King short stories, and I ended up having a great time. King does need to step it away from the bathroom, especially the toilet, for the next little while, or I’ll start to worry about him. well, the younger Stephen King, anyway; maybe he has long since kicked toilet Horror to the curb. all I can say is: between the two I just read - ‘The Moving Finger’, and then ‘Sneakers’ - not to mention the wrap-up to ‘The Night Flier’, earlier (oh and there’s a sequence in Dreamcatcher that traps us on the toilet...so maybe King was not cured of his fixation by then, if ever...), it would be nice to get away from the commode for a while, when it comes to Horror experiences.


it’s almost like I’m a fool to complain,though, because those last two tales really worked, and despite being dropped in two scary washrooms in a row, it’s not like anything in the stories has anything to do with, um, doing regular bathroom business, if you get me; well, not really, anyway; scary bathrooms do force a character or two (two! in a row!) have to take piss, or whatever, elsewhere (alley, or facilities on another floor of an office-building, respectively), but again, the Horror aspect manages to be separate from some scatalogical, uhh, fallout, from the situations. never mind, whatever, I don’t want to discuss this anymore, except to say that the stories in the King book have gotten much better as I’ve gone along, and I hope that continues...albeit away from the crapper for the next little while. power of suggestion, too, and all that, so give me a break, eh, King?