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Tunnel Vision: A Novel - Susan Adrian

50 Women Novelists in a Row: Book 7!


”what are you reading now, Tigus?” (bogus dialogue suggesting someone cares)


”oh, uh, this? it’s kind of a YA spy novel - woman author, of course; that’s all I’m reading for quite a while - but with a bit of a hybrid premise, SF feel to it, because it involves a spy agency recruiting a young person with psychic powers...um, can touch things and get mental readings from them, relating to people who have handled the item, or something like that. and I think the kid resists being recruited, doesn’t like the morality, or lack of it, of the agency - that sort of thing. very excited.”


”I thought you just read that, and it was called Sekret, by Lindsay Smith.” (fictional interrogator being a bit of a jerk)


”um, yes - they do sound similar. but I became aware of both books a while ago, when I did internet searches to find potential new Spy novels to read, and I got all sorts of interesting stuff I’d never heard of thrown at me, and I’m actually wanting to get to the two YA books, Sekret, and now Tunnel Vision, wthin a tight time frame, because I want to compare, and because I have faith they won’t be carbon copies of each other.”


”’Carbon copies’? that’s an outdated meta—“


”you may go now. leave your name and number with the person at the desk, and we’ll call you if anything comes up.”