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‘After staying with her at her house in Suffolk, I met her the following week at a cocktail party in London,’ says Peter Thomson. ‘She walked in with this gigantic handbag, which she then opened with pride and which contained a hundred snails and an enormous head of lettuce. She absolutely adored the snails, they were her companions for the evening.’ Her editor at Doubleday, Larry Ashmead, recalls that when Highsmith moved to France in 1967, she told him that she smuggled her pet snails into the country under her breasts. ‘You couldn’t take live snails into France so she was sneaking them in under her breasts,’ he says. ‘And that wasn’t just on one trip – no, she kept going back and forth. She said that she would take six to ten of the creatures under each breast every time she went. And she wasn’t joking – she was very serious.’ " Andrew Wilson - Beautiful Shadow: A Life of Patricia Highsmith