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Hangsaman - Shirley Jackson, Katherine Howe, Khristine Hvam, Francine Prose

50 Women Novelists in a Row: Book 10!


a couple of notes: since I’m in that small band of wet blankets who think The Haunting of Hill House isn’t all that, The Sundial is my favorite Shirley Jackson novel so far. let’s see if this can challenge...though my every instinct screams that this will be very different than The Sundial. doesn’t mean I won’t like it better, though...


...and, this will be my triumphant tenth novel in my 50 Women Novelists Marathon! I confess that the only novel by a man that is tempting me before I do all 50 is Earth Storm, by Mons Kallentoft...but an intended marathon is an intended marathon, and instead of rationalizing that the Kallentoft book features one of my favorite woman crime-solvers - the great Marlin Fors - I’m not going to deviate from the plan. now, the plan has always allowed for inserting a Nonfiction book, by woman or man, in the proceedings as a quick break from Fiction, at any time - and that may be happening after Hangsaman, with something called Bluespeople.