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Hangsaman - Shirley Jackson, Katherine Howe, Khristine Hvam, Francine Prose

it’s weird - oh how I’d been warned - but it’s not inaccessible or hard to digest. Natalie’s brain seems to work differently than most, but I’m not worried about her, except maybe when it comes to integrating with others and feeling comfortable about it. she sees the world from a variety of angles, almost like five senses aren’t enough for her, and she has a hard time keeping things simple; she thrives on deep thought, odd thought, and on each day as somehow coming up unsatisfactory. anyone who isn’t keen on his or her parents is in for some hard times; of course, Jackson’s plot has packed her off to school since about page 47, so now she is dealing with its alienating, unsatisfactory mechanics. petty or disappointing humans who nevertheless try and impart learning and brain-changing thoughts, higher centres of learning that haven’t managed to weed out all the narrow minds or toxic personalities. I hope Natalie can get through her younger years without other people doing too much damage to her interesting mind. or I’ve got her pegged wrong, and she will evolve into her own worst enemy. like I said, weird - also add challenging and mysterious - but not inaccessible.


I love something about it...but maybe the wrong something. and who was that detective you saw yourself with, Natalie??