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Nightmares & Dreamscapes - Stephen King

wow, I’ve passed the 600-page mark with this collection; I remember when this book looked huge and neverending - hopefully in a good way, like many Stephen King made-of-paper paperweights - and now I feel like I’ve almost conquered it. and it’s been fun, overall. a more than suitable choice for around Halloween (duh).


this morning was all about ‘The Ten O’Clock People’...and it was a bit weird watching what direction that story took, as I had been planning to watch some scary movies starting today, and right up to Halloween, and They Live is one I would like to get to, soon. and ‘The Ten O’Clock People’ reminds me of They Live. but instead of sunglasses, it’s smoking that lets you see what you’re not supposed to see, when it comes to King’s, uh, vision. very entertaining and creepy tale, if not, IMO, something new under the moon.


’Crouch End’ next! shall see how it compare to the TV version.