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The Forest of Souls - CARLA BANKS

totally gripping so far - and it looks like I've picked a cool, if unintended, follow-up to The Secret History of Moscow, thanks to its drawing on, among other things, Russian history and fairy tales; Baba Yaga has been mentioned in both books.


it looks like Helen has possibly met a sinister end at the remote library, and the plot synopsis on the back of the book means I'm not surprised, but what actually happened to her is not confirmed yet, in the details. and, of course, who is responsible may be unknown for quite some time. meanwhile, Faith has interrupted the journalist's - Jake's - interview of her grandfather, an Eastern European immigrant fleeing life in the old country around 1943. he was just about to relate crucial memories of Minsk, and childhood, when the interview got paused. anyway, it's the back of the book that again hints at what may be coming..."Among the refugees from the concentration camps in Minsk were war criminals masquerading as victims. Could Faith's beloved grandfather Marek be hiding such a secret?".


this is a long Mystery novel, and judging by the early scenes with Helen it's going to get creepy very suddenly, at times. good! I like the writing style already, and the characters come alive and matter to me, almost as they are introduced. happy that this is what I have picked for the next few days leading to the true end of October.