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Would You Think Less Of Me?

I'm thinking of ending my marathon of women novelists in a row at 30, instead of the originally planned 50 in a row. just so you know, I am reading novel # 29 in the sequence, and then would read a 30th, and then stop...but of course always read very many books by both women and men, as I have always done. the plan would be to do another "20 women novelists in a row" follow-up marathon in the New Year.


is this an egregious disappointment and insult? I think 30 women novelists in a row is pretty darned impressive, and the desire to end the marathon does not come from any sour reactions or misgivings about any other novels I own by women that I have not read - I just feel that 30 in a row would probably have been the better move in the first place.


you should know I have enjoyed my marathon immensely! (I'm just really getting antsy to read some Golden Age Mysteries by the fellas, and I don't know if I can resist any more.)


thanks for your understanding, or your wrath, in advance.